The works

The photographic documentation of the pictorial and graphic works diffused in the territory will be one of the commitments of the Centro Studi Michele Panebianco, which will make them progressively known through the Works section in this website.

The Festivities In August In Messina And Panebianco’s Transparencies

Half way  through August, in 1842, during the secular celebrations  for the Patron  of Messina, the Madonna of  the Letter, with dazzling light decorations, the painter, Michele Panebianco,  created a number of transparencies, which were lit from the back to display their magnificently bright colors, in order to adorn the main streets of the city. These transparencies depicted historical scenes […]

Count Ruggero, The Camel And Panebianco

As the very educated artist that he was, Michele Panebianco  knew the history of his city well and thus the tradition whereby Count Ruggero entered the city of Messina on the back of a camel. When he depicted this episode in a transparency for the Festivity of the  Assumption in 1842, he depicted  the Count in the centre of the […]